Boron Magnesium

A Dwarven cleric of Garl Glittergold - need to say more?


From the tip of his balding head to his wide, flat feet Boron Magnezium is a Dwarven Cleric of Garl Glittergold and loyal friend to his companions. Short and stocky, typical dwarven beard, chain mail, and an ax seemingly more suited for the executioners block. A mix of compassionate healer and stern warrior, Boron is not reluctant to get into the middle of the fray; whether to heal a comrade in battle or fend off an attacker from the party’s warlock. While he has the dwarven passion for metal ores and implements, he has a heart of gold. His good nature may be often hidden behind a wall of cold granite but his friends know his good nature is his strength and their ally.


How Boron fell in with Allistor, the Human Warlord, is something they do not go into in detail. If asked, all you will get from them is a knowing nod. Suffice it to say they saved each others’ lives more than once. And they don’t get on each others’ nerves too bad – a phrase often said with a chuckle by Allistor over an ale. Allistor introduced Gennal, the Half-Elf Paladin. Boron had made the mistake of cutting the straps on Gennal’s armor too short when adjusting it for the Half-Elf (he was used to dwarven measurements) and Gennal has been either too proud, to considerate, or to ignorant to mention it. So the Paladin has a slight stoop to his fighting style, like a crouched bear. It works for the Half-Elf and choosing to not mess with something that works seems to be a shared philosophy. It was Boron who first met Andaste, the Eladrin Warlock who literally dropped from the sky … well not in front of him. But she had not been born on this world and the first person she met when appearing was the dwarf. Ironic. Boron felt sorry for the lass then learned her powers came from her conspiring with demonkind. So while Allistor saw the immediate advantage of having a Warlock in the group. Boron is working on saving her soul. Makes for interesting conversations but it has always been friendly.

Boron is a long time member of SAPA. Recent events relate to a report received about their good friend, Douven. Douven’s wife found them and told of her concern that the former adventurer had not come home on the day expected – about a week and a half ago. He had gone alone to “research” a suspected former dragon’s lair. Douven still had a bit of the wanderlust (or treasurelust) but had always been a good husband. Boron knew he would not be absent without letting his wife know and shared her concern. She asked Boron to travel up to Winterhaven to find out what became of the scholar and the dwarf did so, only stopping long enough to talk with the other three in his band. Their was no need to convince them. They immediately packed and departed.

Boron Magnesium

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