“Gennal Stormcloud is a brooding Paladin of the Stormlord Kord. His shining sword is always raised to right wrongs perpetrated by evil doers his brilliant armor blinding his enemies, his battle cries to his God sending…”

Gennal: What are you writing there?

Scribe: Good sir, please wait until I am done writing.

Gennal: Even upside down, I can see that you are making up a bunch of drek about me.

Scribe: But I am trying to paint you in a good light!

Gennal: Get out, this is a load of crap. Does this ax by my side look like a sword? If you don’t want to see it up closer, you better leave my sight.

Sounds of a person leaving in a huff

Gennal: Poofter.

I am Gennal, a paladin of Kord. I went to The Academy with Alistor, became friends and when he suggested that we join The Society for the Acquisition and Preservation of Artifacts, I agreed. There are religious artifacts out there that should be preserved and kept out of certain hands. shrug It is a good way to see the world.

Alistor and I teamed up with Andraste and Boron at one point. We recovered several artifacts for the Society and since we worked so well together formed an unofficial team.

I am a quiet man, I prefer to let others do the talking, gather information. My time to shine is on the battlefield, protecting my teammates, killing our enemies. I am respectful to clergy of most faiths, women, elderly and children. I have heard that women like gentlemen, so I am studying the effects of that. The elderly and children are helpless in this world but if they get uppity, I am pretty sure I can take them in a fair fight.

Sounds of paper rustling

Gennal Stormcloud. That doesn’t sound too bad….


Gennal went to school with Alistor, and has always kept in touch. When Boron informed Alistor that Douven Staul was missing, he immediately told Gennal, who agreed to join them for the mission to find Douven.


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