The Road to Winterhaven

On the way to Winterhaven a group of kolbold’s ambushed our wary travelers. After our hero’s fought off the kolbold’s they found they were just over the hill from the town of Winterhaven. Winterhaven is a small town, which looks like it’s seen better days. They were greeted by Tom Wrafton, the inn keeper’s son, at the city gates. The young boy was excited to see some strangers, esp well armed strangers. He directed the SAPA member’s to his mother’s inn, where they stopped for the night. Salvana Wrafton, the inn keeper was impressed by the strangers killing the group of kolbold’s. She had seen their missing friend Douven Staul only a few weeks ago. She directed them to ask Eilian the Old about he disappearance.

Eilian was able to mark the location of the dragon tomb on their map. He told them that no one had seen Stual for awhile. Then he went on to tell them how much of a menace the local kolbold population has become.

During their meal at the inn Lord Padraig stopped in for a pint. He waved over the adventure’s and talked to them about the kolbolds and he offered them a job to clear them out of their local lair.

An old hunter named Ninaran approached the travelers to tell them that she suspect a group of marauders were conspiring with the kolbolds at the dragon burial site. Maybe they could kill two birds with one stone?

With this information, the travel’s retired for the night at the inn.


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